What is SeedIL Club?


SeedIL is an invitation only international Angel Club for sophisticated investors considering investments in Israeli startup ventures.


    SeedIL offers its club members, particularly those residing outside of Israel, high net worth individuals, seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders, access to start-up technology companies which would not otherwise come their way or which would take significant time and effort to identify.

    Our easy-to-use online platform allows members to browse and to select pre-screened start-ups through a short video pitch and written business and financial material. Eligible investors will also be able to review pre-negotiated investment opportunities.

    After investment, SeedIL is committed to ensuring that portfolio companies reach their full potential by providing on-going coaching and connections.




    Exclusive benefits offered to SeedIL Club members

    • Access a network of like-minded international members investors and new business connections in Israel through regular venture presentation events in Israel and abroad​.
    • Rely on a professional screening process conducted by a committee of experts, entrepreneurs and individuals with impressive investment track records.
    • Customize a diversified venture portfolio with relatively low entry tickets, at minimal cost and commitment.
    • Track and monitor ventures of your choice, before making investment decisions.
    • Receive regular updates about venture progress.